Welcome to Mapworks!

What is Mapworks?
Appalachian State University uses Mapworks to help both new freshmen and new transfer students successfully launch their academic careers. Mapworks contributes to student success by allowing us to better understand our students' strengths, challenges, and needs.

The results students receive after taking the online Mapworks survey (open September 10th-30th and February 4-24), help them attain success by directing them to Appalachian resources specific to their individual needs. Mapworks also provides a way for all faculty and staff who work with a student to connect and collaborate for the benefit of the student. Our primary goals in utilizing Mapworks are to help students successfully transition to their new home at Appalachian and to make steady progress toward graduation.  

How does it work?
New Freshmen and first year transfer students are asked to complete a survey during the 3rd to 5th week of their fall and spring semesters. Their survey responses generate an individualized report the student may view at any time. The student report includes information about Appalachian resources to assist them in resolving potential stumbling blocks. Students who have completed the survey can view their report by going to https://appstate.skyfactor.com

Upon the student’s completion of the survey, a report is also generated for faculty and staff directly connected to the student. This report offers insight into a student’s likely successes or  struggles, allowing Appalachian faculty and staff to provide timely and targeted support to students during their transition to Appalachian. Faculty and staff can use their standard Appstate username and password to log into Mapworks at https://appstate.skyfactor.com.


Difficulties logging in?

Faculty: If you are unable to log-in, please contact the Mapworks Office. We are eager to work with academic areas to help you resolve challenges and get the most out of using Mapworks.


  • Look at the left side of the login page under "Students"
  • In the box, type your ASU email address like this: yosef@email.appstate.edu
  • Mapworks will then email you a link to take the survey.  
  • Check your ASU email account, and you can follow the link sent by Mapworks to see your student report!  

Want more information about Mapworks?

Click here for more information about Mapworks and EBI.

Training Sessions

Schedule an individual or group training session. A large number of times and faculty trainers are available to walk you through the system!

Appalachian student Sierra Saxon wins $1500 Mapworks Scholarship

The Mapworks Scholarship is an annual essay contest for first and second-year college students who have used Mapworks at their institutions. The scholarship was created to highlight the experiences and achievements of the students selected for the awards.  Chosen from a field of 155 applicants, the three award winners will each receive a scholarship of $1500 for the school year. The three winners are Sierra Saxon of Appalachian State University, Amanda Saad of Michigan State University, and Sergio Leal-Angeles of the University of Central Arkansas. Watch a video of the scholarship recipients, discussing their experiences with Mapworks below.

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Mapworks Team

Belinda Ballew
Mapworks Lead

Tempest Bouknight-Davis
University Housing

Heather Langdon
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Greg Lester
Office Student Success

Kim Morton
Office of Transfer Services

Jake Reeves
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Royall
Advising and Orientation

Marissa Sander
Graduate Assistant

Samantha Shireman
Graduate Assistant

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Graduate Assistant

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Graduate Assistant