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What is Mapworks?

At Appalachian State University, we want to guide our students in the right direction to ensure success, in and out of the classroom. Mapworks is one tool that has helped us better understand our students' needs.

Mapworks is an online resource that helps students stay on track by directing them to Appalachian resources specific to their individual needs, per the students' survey responses. At the same time, Mapworks provides a way for all faculty and staff who work with a student to connect and collaborate, ensuring the student receives all the support he or she needs to successfully transition to Appalachian.  

How does it work?

New Freshmen and first year transfer students are asked to complete a survey during the 3rd to 5th week of their fall and spring semesters. Their survey responses generate an individualized report the student may view at any time. The student report includes information about Appalachian resources to assist them in resolving potential stumbling blocks.

Upon the student’s completion of the survey, a report is also generated for faculty and staff directly connected to the student. This report offers insight into a student’s particular struggles, allowing Appalachian professionals to provide timely and targeted support to students during their transition to Appalachian.

Training Sessions
Schedule an individual or group training session. A large number of times and faculty trainers are available to walk you through the system!

What can I do?

  • Talk with your students about their Mapworks results.
  • Refer students about whom you are concerned. The Quick Referral Guide can help you determine the proper referral.

How do I get to Mapworks?


Faculty: If you are unable to log-in, please contact the Mapworks Office. We are are pleased to work with academic areas to troubleshoot problems and help you determine how to get the most out of Mapworks.

What do students have to say about Mapworks?

Appalachian students who have taken the survey report that Mapworks helped build a positive living environment and a sense of community in residence halls. They also liked how, throughout the semester, it improved communication between the various faculty and staff they count on. “I loved that the report gave me advice on how to seek help,” said one student. “Mapworks made me feel I was part of the school,” said another.

What do faculty and staff have to say about Mapworks?

It is not uncommon for the Office of Student Success, which administers Mapworks, to receive insolicited endorsements such as the following: 

“When I am meeting with a student whose Mapworks survey indicates they are at risk of leaving the University, I listen closer, probe deeper and even offer unsolicited suggestions about resources available to them.”

“I met with a student whose Mapworks survey indicated he was well adjusted and I had no reason for concern. However, he uncharacteristically presented in my office as flat, apathetic, distant and unengaged. I gently prodded until he revealed the first anniversary of his mother’s death was that same week. When I asked him if I might share this information with the staff connected to him in Mapworks, he said he’d really appreciate that. I was able to send a shared note to his RA and RD indicating this student needed a little extra support at that time. This student saw the value in additional support but had not been able to ask for it. I’m glad Mapworks was there to help easily coordinate the support this young man needed at that time.”

Mapworks Objectives

Faculty and staff will collaborate cross departmentally and cross campus to:

  • Identify student need and offer corresponding resolution in the form of referral office or support personnel
  • Discover gaps in campus student support services and address as resources allow
  • Educate students about behaviors and habits associated with college student success
  • Use data collected for intentional University planning and resource allocation


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Dean of Students' Endorsement

"Mapworks can provide an important piece of the puzzle to allow us to check in with a student early in the semester. We all want to help students succeed at Appalachian and Mapworks is one such tool that we utilize."

JJ Brown, Dean of Students


Mapworks Team

Belinda Ballew
Mapworks Lead

Tempest Bouknight-Davis
University Housing

Heather Langdon
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Greg Lester
Office Student Success

Kim Morton
Office of Transfer Services

Jake Reeves
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Royall
Advising and Orientation

Marissa Sander
Graduate Assistant

Samantha Shireman
Graduate Assistant

Kaitlyn Thruston
Graduate Assistant

Michael Toland
Graduate Assistant