The Mapworks Scholarship is an annual essay contest for first and second-year college students who have used Mapworks at their institutions. The scholarship was created to highlight the experiences and achievements of the students selected for the awards.  Chosen from a field of 155 applicants, the three award winners will each receive a scholarship of $1500 for the school year. The three winners are Sierra Saxon of Appalachian State University, Amanda Saad of Michigan State University, and Sergio Leal-Angeles of the University of Central Arkansas.

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What is the Most Helpful Faculty and Staff Poster?
The poster is a compilation of all faculty and staff names, as indicated by freshmen and first year transfer students, in answer to the question: “Who has been most helpful to your success at Appalachian?” The “most helpful” faculty and staff list is extracted from Spring MAP-Works student survey responses.

Appalachian Mapworks Analysis and Reports 2017-2018

Fall 2017 Report

Who takes the Mapworks survey?
All NEW, main campus students (Freshman and Transfer) are required to take the Mapworks survey.

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What is the Most Helpful Faculty and Staff poster about?


Mapworks – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Outcome Report?

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Mapworks Team

Belinda Ballew
Mapworks Lead

Tempest Bouknight-Davis
University Housing

Heather Langdon
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Greg Lester
Office Student Success

Kim Morton
Office of Transfer Services

Jake Reeves
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Royall
Advising and Orientation

Marissa Sander
Graduate Assistant

Samantha Shireman
Graduate Assistant

Kaitlyn Thruston
Graduate Assistant

Michael Toland
Graduate Assistant