Mapworks – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Student Outcome Report?

  • The Student Outcome Reports are designed specifically to assist new students in developing awareness around the habits and behaviors in which they are currently engaging, that are consistent (or inconsistent) with students who are known to have been successful in higher education. The survey is open Sept 10-30 (www.appstate.map-works.com) and Outcome Reports may be viewed immediately after completoin of the survey by accessing the same site.

My Mapworks student outcome report says I “need help.” Now what?

  • Your student report includes information about Appalachian resources that will assist you in achieving your goals. These resources include your academic advisor’s name and email address, as well as campus support websites and phone numbers. As a first step, consider arranging a meeting with your academic advisor to discuss how you can most successfully launch your career at Appalachian.

My Mapworks outcomes aren’t what I was expecting! How are these outcomes determined?

  • Mapworks uses your survey answers to determine which advice to give you and for color-coding of your report. This is one reason why it is so important for you to complete any Mapworks survey that is sent your way. Be sure to let one of your advisor or one of your “direct connects” know if things weren’t going well early in the semester--so the results were more “negative” than you expected--but have since improved. We are invested in your success!

What’s the point of completing this survey?

  • Your answers to the survey questions will generate an individualized report for you. The report gives tips and strategies on how you can maximize your success and make improvements in any areas needed. The report also provides information about Appalachian resources that will help you stay on track to timely graduation..

How is the data used?

  • Appalachian faculty and staff use the data to reach out strategically to students who are struggling. In addition, the data collected from the Mapworks survey is used in longitudinal studies to assist university personnel with planning and resource allocation.

Who will see the data?

  • Apart from you, certain Appalachian faculty and staff have access to the data so that they can reach out strategically to students who are struggling. Access to the data allows these faculty and staff to reach out to students who might not ask for help themselves.

Can my parents see the results of the Mapworks survey?

  • No. Your parents cannot see the results of the survey unless you choose to share them.

Is the information gathered through the Mapworks survey shared with outside vendors?

  • The information gathered by the Mapworks survey is not shared with any external companies. None of the information is sold or gifted. The purpose of the survey is to help students who are new to Appalachian realize the habits and behaviors in which they engage that are either consistent or inconsistent with what we know about students who typically succeed. The survey is normed nationally and has a great deal of research behind it, utilizing complicated algorithms and heuristics. Appalachian does use the aggregate data to engage in both short and long term planning to better provide for students’ needs. This survey allows us to collect up-to-date information about what academic and personal supports students at Appalachian need. Rather than basing our support initiatives on old data, we collect new data every year. We are very serious about supporting our students!

What do you mean when the survey is “required?”

  • First and foremost, completing the survey can help get off to the best start possible at Appalchian. Additionally, your information is essential for student support and planning throughout the University. For these reasons, Mapworks is required. It is important that we gather data from all students and not just those who voluntarily complete the survey. The requirement helps produce a more representative sample of our Appalachian students’ opinions and voices. Please kindly note, any question you wish to skip, may be skipped. Students are also offered the opportunity to log in to the survey and click the “opt out” option. Please realize, if you “opt out” of this short survey, you will not benefiot fro mthe survey resilts and your opinions cannot contribute to the overall Appalachian voice of first year students, which is counter to our goal of observing ALL the voices of our first year students.
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Mapworks Team

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Mapworks Lead

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University Housing

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Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

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Office Student Success

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Office of Transfer Services

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Graduate Assistant

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Advising and Orientation

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