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What is Mapworks?

At Appalachian State University, we want to guide our students in the right direction to ensure success, in and out of the classroom. Mapworks is one tool that has helped us better understand our students' needs.

Mapworks Works!

At Appalachian, we understand that going to college is a big step for your student, one that will include many new experiences. For precisely this reason, Appalachian employs Mapworks. 

New Freshmen and New Main Campus Transfer Students – Mapworks is for you!

Mapworks empowers you, the student, to TAKE CONTROL of your academic future.

Mapworks identifies your areas of strength and difficulty--we all have them--and directs you to campus resources designed to help maximize your strengths and minimize your challenges.  

What is Mapworks?
Appalachian State University uses Mapworks to help both new freshmen and new transfer students successfully launch their academic careers. Mapworks contributes to student success by allowing us to better understand our students' strengths, challenges, and needs.

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Mapworks Team

Belinda Ballew
Mapworks Lead

Tempest Bouknight-Davis
University Housing

Heather Langdon
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Greg Lester
Office Student Success

Kim Morton
Office of Transfer Services

Jake Reeves
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Royall
Advising and Orientation

Marissa Sander
Graduate Assistant

Samantha Shireman
Graduate Assistant

Kaitlyn Thruston
Graduate Assistant

Michael Toland
Graduate Assistant