Mapworks Works!

At Appalachian, we understand that going to college is a big step for your student, one that will include many new experiences. For precisely this reason, Appalachian employs Mapworks. 

Mapworks is an an information system that anticipates student needs and empowers them to take control of their academic future from the beginning. At the same time, Mapworks provides a way for the faculty and staff who work with a student to connect and collaborate, making sure that your student receives all the support he or she needs to be successful at Appalachian.

How does Mapworks work?

Students are asked to take a survey at the beginning of the semester. Their survey responses generate an individualized report they may view at any time. Their report gives them insight into areas that could be strenghts or challenges for them during their first year. Their report also gives them comparative information, allowing them to see how their results are similar to those of other students at Appalachian.

The student report includes information about Appalachian resources to assist them in resolving potential stumbling blocks. Also included are a variety of resources the student may access at any time, including their Academic Advisor’s name and email address and campus support websites and phone numbers.

Appalachian students who have taken the survey told us they thought Mapworks helped build a positive living environment and community in residence halls and they liked how it improved communication between the various professionals they count on, throughout their semester.

“I loved that the report gave me advice on how to seek help,” said one student.

“Mapworks made me feel I was part of the school,” said another.

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Mapworks Team

Belinda Ballew
Mapworks Lead

Tempest Bouknight-Davis
University Housing

Heather Langdon
Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning

Greg Lester
Office Student Success

Kim Morton
Office of Transfer Services

Jake Reeves
Graduate Assistant

Natalie Royall
Advising and Orientation

Marissa Sander
Graduate Assistant

Samantha Shireman
Graduate Assistant

Kaitlyn Thruston
Graduate Assistant

Michael Toland
Graduate Assistant


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